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Venom Suction Device

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When it comes to venomous bites, every second counts.

Prevent the venom from spreading into the body with the Outdoor Venom Suction Device. Featuring everything you need in case of a venomous snake or insect bite, including alcohol cleansing wipes and tourniquets. With 2 large suction heads for different bite sizes, you can easily suck out the venom and the contaminated blood instantly.

  • The simple design lets you use it on yourself if you’re traveling alone
  • Most effective immediate treatment for venomous bites
  • Made of sturdy ABS plastic - can be disinfected and reused
  • Compact and fits easily in any backpack or rucksack

*If you ever encounter a snake bite, call for medical help before or immediately after using the device.

Package Includes:

  • 2 x Suction cup
  • 1 x Suction device
  • 1 x Tourniquet
  • 2 x Alcohol wipes
  • 2 x Iodophors
  • 1 x storage box

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