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All-In-One Bracelet

All-In-One Bracelet

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If you want to survive in the middle of the jungle or the forest, you need accessories and equipment that are easy to wear and effective. Discover an all-in-one bracelet that is designed to meet the needs of a warrior on a quest for new adventures in the forest.

An all-in-one survival bracelet

Once you learn about all the features of the cord survival bracelet, how can you not be convinced right away? This trendy bracelet has a functional compass, a fire starter, and an integrated whistle.

A unique and durable bracelet

The Survival Compass Woven Cord Bracelet made from durable materials is a true warrior's bracelet with a distinctive style. The cord is hand-woven, so it can easily fit the size of your wrist handle. The dimensions of the bracelet are 25 cm x 3.2 cm.



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