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Warrior Defensive Tactical Pen

Warrior Defensive Tactical Pen

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Whether you’re going on a risky outdoor adventure, or just going about your day, as usual, don’t leave home without the Warrior Defensive Tactical Pen. It features a sharp cutting knife, military-grade Tungsten Steel attack head, a flashlight, and of course a pen. The sleek, unassuming design is perfect for carrying in your bag or pocket.

So, whenever life throws danger your way, you’re sure to be prepared with the tactical pen.

  • The bright emergency flashlight is a great backup if you main flashlight or phone runs out of battery
  • The attack head lets you break glass or other barriers in life-threatening situations
  • Hides in plain sight and is perfect for self-defense
  • Can be used as a regular pen
  • Uses 3 button batteries

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