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First-aid Tent Insulation Mat™

First-aid Tent Insulation Mat™

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“It’s a must-have survival tool. It helped me get out of bad situations numerous times.” Mark, Former US Navy, and Pro Survivalist"


Attention Campers! Now you can finally stay safe against a danger that kills over 5000 people in the US wilderness every year!

Especially if you’re hurt or sick and cannot get your body heat up, hypothermia can set in pretty quick. Protect yourself and everyone in the group with this First-aid Tent Insulation Mat.

Made with an outer layer of tin foil paper and an inner layer of PE plastic, gives you a double layer of protection. Since plastic is non-porous, it traps your body heat and creates a layer of heat around you. Unlike blankets or sweaters, it is impossible for cold air to get in.

A must-have in your outdoor survival kit and your disaster survival kit at home, these blankets can keep you well-protected from extreme cold in real-life emergency situations until you are escorted to the hospital.

Folds neatly into a tiny pouch and opens up large enough to be a makeshift tent for multiple people.

  • Perfect for those caught in natural disasters and displaced due to damage to or loss of property as well
  • Prevents body temperature from dropping and maintains body heat
  • The outer metallic layer reflects the sun’s rays and protects you from harmful UV rays
  • Versatile design - can be used as a sleeping bag, blanket, tent, rain cover, or a ground tarp
  • Durable, snag-free construction - will last you for years
  • Shiny, reflective metallic shade on one side and bright orange on the other, makes it easier to spot from afar
  • Length/Width: 200 x 91cm

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