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Multipurpose Tactical Folding Shovel

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Pack as little as possible and still be prepared for almost anything, in the wild.

The key to safety and survival out in the wild is to be able to deal with any problem quickly and smartly. This Tactical Folding Shovel is not your average garden shovel. Made with military-grade high carbon steel, the shovelhead features two kinds of blades on either side to break rocks or ice or chop wood. The handle is fully collapsible into smaller sections and the sections double as a screwdriver, cutting knife, fire starter, bottle opener, etc.

Not only can you use it for laying the land for the tent or making a fire pit, but you can also use it for pretty much anything you need in your adventure.

  • Easy to put together or dismantle
  • Includes a handy camo carrying case that fits in your backpack
  • Body material: High carbon steel
  • Handle material: Stainless steel

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