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The Warrior’s Compass

The Warrior’s Compass

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Whether you’re heading for a long ride on your bike or planning to hike in the reserve, you’ll need to pack up on the usuals - food, camping equipment, emergency tools, map, and a compass. Well, the last 2 because your internet and GPS probably won’t work while you’re in the middle of nowhere.

So stay on the right course every leg of the journey, with the warrior’s compass.

Made with an industry-grade aluminum shell, the magnetic compass includes a stiff closure with a carabiner sleeve for easy carrying. So hang it around your neck or on your backpack and take on those uncharted trails like a true warrior.

  • Color: Army Green
  • Material: aluminum alloy shell
  • Open size: 146X58X28mm
  • Folded size: 77x58x28mm
  • Weight: 55g

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