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Warrior SOS Emergency Survival Kit

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Take survival in your own hands with the SOS Emergency Survival Kit.

Backpacking, mountaineering, or camping, whatever your idea of fun is, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. The weather and other unpredictable conditions can put you in a bit of trouble - but you will always be prepared to tackle any inconvenience head-on. Featuring everything you need to find your way, call for help, or endure extreme conditions, this kit is designed for the warrior in you.

With a gorgeous brass compass, emergency whistle, first-aid insulation blanket and more, you won’t just survive in the wilderness, you’ll thrive.

  • Neatly organized in a sturdy, protective box
  • Durable, premium quality tools that you can use for years
  • 10-piece survival kit for every outdoor adventure
  • Size: 170*105*50mm
  • Net weight: 454g   

Package Includes:

  • Butterfly handle large flintstone;
  • Rescue blanket;
  • High-frequency double-hole whistle;
  • Strong light flashlight;
  • The upgraded version of the outdoor knife;
  • The army knife card;
  • Brass shell compass;
  • Portable key light;
  • Tungsten steel tactical defense pen;
  • Large waterproof and shockproof storage box

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