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Warrior’s Essential Gear for the Wilderness

Are you ready to face the wilderness?


Survivalists don’t just depend on their skills of improvising. They also depend on their survival kit prepared with essential gear that better aids them to face any challenges. Having such a kit will bring you one step closer to your goal of becoming a warrior, a smart one. Here is a list of the top 5 items that are critical to adding to your survival kit.


  1. First-Aid Tent Insulation Mat


You never know when mother nature just is not feeling it and you get stuck in some bad weather situation. It’s important to protect yourself from getting cold, sick, or hurt. You’re outdoors and don’t always have shelter. The First-Aid Tent Insulation Mat can better protect you. It has an outer layer made of tin foil paper with an inner layer of polyethylene plastic. The plastic enables body heat to get trapped producing a layer of heat around you. It’s practically impossible for cold air to get into the mat. This mat that can fit your entire body and even open up into a tent for multiple other people is easy to carry as it folds into a tiny pouch. This is critical to add to your outdoor survival kit!


2. Survival Emergency Medical Kit


Whether it’s common for you to get or not, a real survivalist understands the importance of having a survival emergency medical kit to better prepare and help prevent any dangerous situations. No matter how small your wound can be, it may become life-threatening if it’s not taken care of. The kit is made with a hard-shell surface in order for it not to get damaged. It comes with your basic essentials such a bandaids, cotton-swabs, and so on. It has an instant cold press that helps with swelling, inflammation, and burns. The pouch also has a bit more room for you to add any other needs like insect repellent creams.


3.    Compass


Having a compass will help you find your way around. Even if you have a map, you might not know what direction you are heading. That’s when the right compass comes in handy and guides you back to civilization. It will help you find your way to shelter or a road that you need to get on. The compass will ease the task of getting to your desired destination. Oh, and don’t forget to learn how to use one. It’s not anything like our phone’s GPS.




4.    Knife


A knife can be used for so many important things while you’re out in the wilderness. It definitely increases your chances of survival. You can use it for cutting ropes, as a weapon, opening packages, aid to building emergency shelters (cutting tarp), and so on. The more you experience being outdoors, the more you find the importance of having your knife with you. An ideal knife would one that is strong in order to better cut large and durable objects like tree branches.


5. Backpack


So, where are you going to put all the items listed above? How are you going to carry such essential gear with you outdoors? Well, of course, a backpack. Were you thinking we were expecting you to carry them in your pockets? Even if some of the items might fit in there, a backpack will make it easier for you to move around since your pockets won’t be stuffed. It’s surely a better alternative. You might also find or make convenient things throughout your exploration that you need to bring with you. You can just through these items in your backpack!


Obviously, feel free to add any more essential gear that you feel is vital to be one step closer to survivalism. Just make sure you are not adding any unnecessary extra weight on your back! Also, keep everything organized to help you find everything easily and quickly. Become An Outdoor Warrior!