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Preparation vs. Improvisation

Preparation vs. Improvisation


One of the topics that is most often discussed in the world of survivalism is improvisation. Specifically, there is a focus on innovative ways of reusing objects and using them for survival. While the information is interesting and potentially useful, you have to be a little careful with this kind of thinking.


Never plan to improvise


You should plan to use the right equipment and materials whenever possible. Only use improvisation when it is really needed.


Can you use the ring on the top of a soda or beer can to make a hook?

Yes, of course! But for nearly the same price as a soda can, you can put together a decent fishing kit in a can of sardines that will fit in your pocket. 


Improvise when you have no other choice


The purpose of being prepared is to be able to respond to emergency situations. The ability to improvise solutions quickly should definitely be part of your tool kit, but it should not be the first target.


To be perfectly clear, I'm not saying that improvisation should not be part of the preparedness mindset. Far from it, because being able to think outside the box is one of the most valuable skills a survivor can possess. What I mean is that the whole point of preparation is to plan ahead for practical ways to meet your needs.


Planning to improvise from the beginning limits your options, because a real Warrior like you has to take the necessary equipment with him to go on an adventure safely! Discover the outdoor, a shop created by survivalists for survivalists.